a lost corner


hold on tight
it’s just the middle of the ride


Life and Love

Our lives are like the planets,
the stars,
the rain,
and the moon.
It’s everything but nothing.
Empty in meaning,
always relative to the observer.

The Love that you craved,
a desert with hope of water.
Inside an ocean,
a tiny grain of sand.
A smaller part of a bigger whole,
my life,
a tiny part of the vast Universe.

The Galaxies stretched across time,
the colors that spread across the sky.
Like the Love that merged,
a painting on a canvas.
A picture that you only understood.

The Love you injected in to my bones,
turned them brittle.
When I crashed,
broke in to a million diamonds.
Spread across the night sky,
into Stars they turned.
To look over the lost souls,
that Love took into her fold.

a lost tune – london

The city calls the Lost

a lost tune – how you see the world

a tune for lost perspectives


The rains keep doors shut
My people, gathered around
Contentment is mine


Face the music with me
Every violent note
We’re the quavers among the crotchets
Drowning in between staves

Yawning Grave


“I sing the songs that you hear on the breeze.
I write the names of the rocks and the trees.

Darkness brings evil things, oh the reckoning begins.
You have opened the yawning grave.”

a lost post – kids will be skeletons

The music was their bones. The people of Russia may have been restricted to a lot of the music that was loved across the world during the Cold War but their ingenious solution was forbidden recordings on vinyl ; x rays stolen from hospitals.


The girl called fall
Met the boy named spring
But summer came in between

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