Pull me down, kiss me slowly, and let me drown.
Set me free, and crack me out.
Let the colours seep,
seep through the cracks leaking in to the water.
I’m not a flower,
but just another petal.
As a whole, I’m one.
All alone, I’m none.
Drown me down.
Drown me in the oceans of hate, colour me in red.
Let me down in to the pits of hell,
don’t help me out.
But keep me down, and let me drown.
The monsters that forgive, and the humans that punish,
I chose the latter but craved the former.
In a world without answers, a world that avoids questions,
I grapple with my own.
One’s that will drain me out, and make me drown.
deep in to the abyss of the minds,
ravaged by love, soothed by revenge.
Revenge so sweet that ants walk over my decaying body,
but animals that avoid it for the stench.
Stench of dying hatred,
imbued with Revenge.