Do you ever wonder what kind of lives we lead
On all those other earths?
The ones we peek into and nose around in our lucid dreams

Maybe we’re roving round the world
Before we turn to dust
Drinking every wine, dancing to every hot hip hop song

Or maybe we’re sitting on plastic chairs
Sipping milky tea
Looking at that same garbage canal, day in and day out

Then there’s the suburban dream
With red meat barbecues,
White fences and blue cloudless skies over our dead end street

Or the one where everything’s green
Because we rob banks
And you give me black eyes whenever you feel like hating me

In another, you might be stroking my hair
While we lie and sigh together
Buying cars, building houses and having kids with just our lips

Or it might be just a dream I tell myself
Because you died on a bloody field
And we never met at that rock concert, that class or that bar

But on this primal earth, my love
I’m content
Watching you read all these penny dreadfuls I write about us