a lost corner

139 and Rising

Waking up
To dawn sirens
How many gone?

Let another fall
It won’t matter as time passes, you’ll see
You’ll see that one more
Will only make this number even
And that the world does not stop turning
On itself
Not even for a 140

Falling asleep
To night gunfire
How many dead this time?




The intricate patterns spoke to me in a language that only I understood. Patterns that resembled the torn pathways along my heart.


twelve minutes
since the clock struck twelve
and it’s all I can do to
not tell you
i love you

I’m scared it’s the time
the lonely embrace of night
I’m scared of saying it
and meaning it so fully and completely
that I will never mean it again


She fled from the darkness that engulfed her.
Crashing on to him, they exploded in to a million stars.
Scattered in patterns across the painting of a sky.

That’s how constellations were made.


what happens when you loose a dog from it’s collar
untie it from it’s leash
and it stays cowering in the corner?

Colorful Vegetables


My body aches, the legs burning from having to walk for hours carrying behind me a vegetable cart. The sins that I carry on behind me, assorted in all it’s glory.
Colorful vegetables.
The sun beats down on my back as the wind lazily hangs in the air, my lungs draw out dust in the form of a cough. Spitting it on the side of the road I carry on. Pulling my long gone sins behind me. Her face just materializes in front of my face. A simmering image. I can’t even seem to remember how she used to look like. I don’t have a eesmartpone like the loku mahathaya or his son. I’m just a poor man trying to feed my children where their Amma passed away. She was the most wonderful woman in the world. I still have a picture that Loku mahathaya kept of us during our wedding. That’s all. I hope that my children grow up to become good citizens in this country.
Putting it all  behind me I carry on. My body might be tired and frustrated but my soul is lighted up. From the children, all I ask is for them to educate themselves. I’m not long for this earth. I’ve lived enough. But as long as she walks beside me I will have the courage to walk for my children.

Just Like That

Tears streamed down my face
a painting of black lakes.
He kissed me gently on my lips,
a thousand unspoken words
and a million more memories.
His fingers left mine
crashing my life that he held together.
Broken in to a thousand shards,
stepping on it as it crunched under his feet.
He left.
Just like that.


I want you on my shelf
Sitting between the spines
Of my favourite names
Ready whenever
To be taken down
And torn apart
Burned and buried
In the back of my mind


the hollows
of your body
the dips between your bones
the valleys of your knuckles
the curve of your ribs
the bit behind your knee
by me

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